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TopMap µ.Lab
The Microscope System

Optical Profilometer with Nanometer Resolution

With the TMS-1200 TopMap µ.Lab, you characterize microstructures with a very high vertical and lateral resolution. The optical profilometer determines without contact parameters such as texture, flatness and roughness on both fine and sensitive structures. The Polytec Smart Surface Scanning Technology even measures samples with different reflectivities.

The TopMap µ.Lab microscopic system supplies 3D data, determines film thickness and detects the finest defects using height profiles with nanometer resolution. The high z-resolution is independent from the chosen objective magnification. Choose from application-specific objectives or ask for a customized development, for longer working distances or glass compensation, to measure inside vacuum chambers for example.


  • Non-contact measurement of microstructures and with excellent lateral resolution
  • 3D topography, flatness, roughness and texture measurement
  • Determination of film thickness and detection of surface defects
  • Application-specific objectives for glass compensation and more
  • 2D and 3D presentation modes with video overlay
  • Smart Surface Scanning Technology for reflective or matte surfaces
  • Powerful TMS software, with component recognition as an option
  • Sensor head also for machine integration