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TopMap In.Line
For Production Integration

Fast Characterization in the Production Line

The TMS-350 TopMap In.Line is totally tailored to the needs of quality assurance in production, when cycle times are decisive and surfaces are to be measured precisely, without contact at a high speed.

The TopMap In.Line’s compact design means it can be elegantly and safely integrated into the production line. Since no objectives are needed, collisions and damage to the optics or component surfaces are avoided. The system measures the form deviation, such as flatness or waviness, reliably and within short cycle times. It measures without contact the exact step heights even within deep holes with steep edges from a safe stand-off distance thanks to the telecentric optical design.

The programmable measurement and analysis software help to adapt to the production workflow. Measurement data is exported to your proprietary database and the integrated QS-STAT™ export enables you to reliably analyze process data.


  • Fast measurement for short cycle times with high-speed sensor technology
  • No risk of collision: easy integration in the production line with objective-free design
  • Sensor head also for machine integration
  • High level of precision with a z-resolution of just a few nanometers
  • Easy to integrate, easy to automate, robust and low-maintenance
  • No details are overlooked thanks to the areal measurement and large-field of view
  • Smart Surface Scanning Technology measures on almost any surface
  • Non-contact measurement principle is non-invasive and non-destructive
  • Integrated interface to customized databases and QS-STAT™



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Revolutionary Process Control

Surface measurements with Polytec’s TopMap In.Line offer new process control possibilities.