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TopMap in Action
Sample Applications

A wide range of solutions

Polytec’s TopMap surface measurement systems are in their element in all operations where the finest components and structures need to be inspected. Non-contact white-light interferometry allows measurements with a resolution in the nanometer or even subnanometer range. And it’s for this very reason that Polytec’s TopMap devices have become standard tools in the field of industrial quality control.

Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, technical surfaces are essential for high-precision mechanics and their performance. Staying within defined tolerances is crucial for a product’s fuel and energy efficiency, eco-friendliness and durability. From sealing surfaces, over drivetrains and shock absorbers, to injection systems – there is a wide range of applications “being put to the test”. Absolute precision when measuring without contact form and surface parameters like flatness, parallelism, height or step-height is vitally important.

Semiconductor Industry

Precision and perfection are decisive in the semiconductor industry, for electronics and for solar technology, and they can be contactlessly controlled thanks to the TopMap surface measurement devices. The TopMap series helps you to check electronic contacts – for analyzing the height of BGAs or “solder bumps” or for analyzing the co-planarity of IC pins. The optical 3D surface metrology also offers key benefits for packaging high-power laser diodes. 

Biology / Medicine

The demands placed on instruments that come into contact with the human body are particularly high. That’s precisely why a great deal of importance is attached to the surface quality of such equipment, which includes dental implants and artificial hip joints. High expectations are also made of both reliable functioning and a long service life – which represents the biggest challenge of all.